Kingz Plaza Beauty Salon

Unisex & Contemporary, Kingz Plaza Beauty Salon has a Professional and pleasant atmosphere, supported by experienced staff, committed to providing an excellent service with quality products.

Professional Salon exclusive hair & beauty products and services - latest hairdressing trend driven looks. Our staffs read exclusive fashion reports and are regularly inspired to create the new look you want. We do modern haircuts, perms and hair styles for both men and women.

Extensions, Dreadlocks, Facial Treatment, Manicure, Pedicure and Hair Treatment.

At Kingz Plaza beauty salon, we will help you to find out what's best for your individual beauty and hair care regime: Give you a personal consultation in beauty, make-up, hair colour, care or styling.

Manicure / Pedicure / Hands & Nails

Graceful silky hands are much prized physical attributes. Supple hands and trim, healthy nails speak volumes about your state of health and personal grooming, whereas neglected hands let the side down; they not only create a poor impression, they belie your age. We notice each otherís hands almost unconsciously because they are used extensively in communication. What impression do your hands make? Do they convey confidence? Bitten nails or torn...     Read More >>